IS YOUR HOME LIKE A BASECAMP where you Conquer your dreams?         Do you Have What you need and know where to find it? Or is it chaotic? I can help you apply good time management principles to your home so you can find your Life as it Should Be!

Get my 10 Time Management Tools for the Home

These tools will help you run your home quickly and well so you can focus on getting more out of life- Life as it should be! FUN & FULL OF JOY.



Meal Planning

Always have food ready to go! Easy, healthy recipes to suit any budget.

Learn to Let Go

Let go of a quest for perfection and unnecessary time wasters.


Use your team to make your home run smoother.

Live for today

Yes, you can learn to live in the now and really enjoy life!


Get rid of what is no longer serving your purpose.


Get weekly planning tools.

Patricia’s Blog

Why I Want To Teach Others Time Management For The Home

I have been a full-time housewife for 40+ years.  You would have thought I would have figured out how to run a home during that time, but I didn't.  Why? I always had an excuse for not being able to do it. These are a few:  My husband's habits. Small children. Older...

Decluttering Your Home: Help! Where do I start?

Decluttering your home: Help!  Where do I start? There are many reasons to declutter. The less you own, the less time it will take to clean. You will enjoy what you have more.  As Americans, we have been inundated with so many material things.  Scaling back can be one...

How To Talk to a Woman: 2 Easy Steps Men Need to Know

How To Talk to a Woman: 2 Easy Steps Men Need to Know Are you frustrated by trying to talk to a woman?  Does your honest attempt at communication end up with her being angry with you? Have you tried to communicate, or tried counseling, but it makes things worse? Ready...

How to save time at the grocery store: Make your own preprinted grocery list.

 Use a preprinted grocery list You will save time and aggravation if you use your own preprinted grocery list.  This will do several things : 1.  It will automatically organize your shopping by sections of the store. 2.  It will jog your brain to check for routinely...

Cleaning: Weekly Routine

Weekly cleaning is what we usually think of when we think of cleaning our homes,  and are the things we are most likely to hire a cleaning service to do.   If the daily tasks are done, it is not that difficult to do the weekly tasks.  My problem for years was that I...

How to Clean Your Home: Yearly Schedule

Yearly checklist:  A yearly cleaning routine consists of jobs need to be done infrequently, but that does not mean they can be ignored indefinitely.  Ignored for long periods of time, these are areas that can cause organization problems or can become fire hazards or...

Keeping Your House Clean: Overview

Ever dream about walking into your own home and just enjoying it and not feeling like you need to pick up, clean? You could sit in a chair and read or enjoy your family? Your dreams can come true, and it's not that hard.  It is simply a matter of knowing what to do...

Keeping your House Clean: Daily Routine

One of the keys to a clean house is a good daily routine.  If you were staying in a luxury hotel, these are the things you would want done. Don't let the list scare you.  By "daily" I mean that these things need to be done anywhere from daily to more than once a week....

Good Relationship With Your Spouse

Everyone wants a good relationship with his spouse,  The trick is, how do you actually accomplish that? My husband and I tried a number of things to have a great marriage...books, conferences, counseling to name a few.  There was good information out there, but its...

Meal Planning: Schedule a weekly prep time.

Meal Planning: Schedule a weekly meal prep time. If you schedule a weekly meal prep time, meals and snacks will be so much easier to prepare. One of the reasons people struggle so much to get dinner on the table is they do not schedule a prep day.  It is difficult to...

Meal Planning: 6 Steps to getting dinner on the table

Meal Planning: 6 Steps to getting dinner on the table. Why Is it hard to get dinner on the table? Meal planning and getting dinner on the table is a skill that involves several steps, many of them overlooked in the modern household.  Is it any wonder that when asked,...

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