Clean Critical Areas Daily

If you focus on 7 daily tasks, you will always have a home that is clean and welcoming for you and anyone else that either lives there or is visiting.  You may thing that is extreme, too difficult, too time-consuming, or that it creates an unwelcoming atmosphere.  The opposite is true.  People thrive on order.  Once you establish habits, they are quick and easy to do.  Your life will gain energy because you will feel ready to tackle the world.  You and others will gain peace by not being surrounded by clutter and chaos.

Fortunately, there are just a few things that need to be done daily to give your entire home a look of cleanliness and order.  If you do these, your home will not only look good all the time, you will enjoy living there.  They may sound extreme or obsessive, but once you start making them a habit, they will be enjoyable.  You will love the serenity, the order and the ability to have work spaces.  These cleaning tasks are:

1.  Make your bed.

2.  Hang up your clothes.

3.  Wipe down bathroom counters and mirrors.

4.  Deal with dirty dishes after every meal. (No leaving them in there sink for later.) Wipe down counters.

5.  Deal with incoming paper.

6.  Put everything back where it belongs.

7.  Walk through your home several times a day to make sure things are put away.

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