Your clothes closet is stuffed, and you want to declutter, but where do you start? To start decluttering your clothing, should you turn the hangars all backwards and see what you don’t wear? Or should you go through them one at a time while they hang in the closet and ask yourself have I worn this in the last year?

Gather all of your clothing and pile them in one place.

Decluttering your clothing actually is easier and faster if you take all your clothing out and put them in one pile. This is counterintuitive, as it seems like it would be faster to leave them in place and go through them one at a time. If I leave my clothes in place, they seem to shout at me, “Honestly, you will wear me! You just forgot about me. Give me another try!” The clothes win and stay in my closet.

First, take out the clothes you cannot live without and put them back in the closet.

You will know these. You would wear them everyday if you could, or at least once a week. They suit you, they fit, and you feel good in them. Grab then out of the pile and return them to the closet. Decluttering your clothing begins with putting your favorites back in the closet. How does that feel to have just your favorites there?

Take out the clothes that you don’t enjoy wearing and put them in a pile.

Do you dislike the style of something? Did it seem like a good idea at the time, but it just doesn’t suit you? (Even Lady Diana made this mistake!) Does it not fit? Is it too stained or tattered to look good? Put these in a pile to throw away or give away. Get them out of the house quickly. Decluttering your clothing must include getting rid of unwanted clothing.

Deal with the “undecided” clothes.

These are the most difficult to deal with. Look back at your closet. Is it looking great? Do you have clothes in there you love and extra space? Would putting a lot more clothing in destroy the clean, uncluttered and organized space you are trying to create? There are two good ways to deal with the undecided clothing.

  • Put the extra clothing in a large garbage bag and stick it in a remote location where you won’t see it. If you go to your closet to look for a particular item and it is in the bag, get it out of the bag. Let the bag sit for 1-3 months in the remote location. If you never need the item, let it go. I got rid of a large leaf-bag full of clothes this way. I just didn’t miss them, and I liked other things better.
  • Try Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering clothing by asking, “Does this spark joy?” In other words, do I love it? Do I feel great wearing it? Recently, I have been using this method for all my belongings. This applies not only to what I currently have, but to what I am thinking about purchasing. Will I love it? Is it perfect?

Decluttering your clothing must include dealing with those undecided pieces.

Enjoy your decluttered clothing

Now you will not only have a decluttered closet, you will have the clothing you love to wear. You will have a peaceful feeling when you open your closet and you will feel good wearing the clothes you love.

For more help in decluttering your home:

The link will show you a link to purchase Marie Kondo’s book, but you may also be able to get it free from your local library.

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