Decluttering your home: Help!  Where do I start?

There are many reasons to declutter.

  • The less you own, the less time it will take to clean.
  • You will enjoy what you have more.  As Americans, we have been inundated with so many material things.  Scaling back can be one of the most freeing things you can do.
  • You will be able to see the life you were meant to live, #lifeasitshouldbe

But where to start decluttering?  It can be so overwhelming!

1. Begin decluttering one flat surface, one that will be easy to accomplish and very visible.


This seems counterintuitive.  It seems the opposite would be true. For example, if you are an overweight couch-potato, it seems like the best thing to do would to decide to be an athlete and run a marathon. Make that leap!  However, the opposite is true; making a decision to walk around the block once a day will get you further faster.  This is true because there are skills to be learned along the way, and if you take on too much, too fast, you will get overwhelmed and quit.  Have you watched a baby learn to walk?  The beginning is to just to learn to hold his head up, and to learn to use his hands.  There are many more steps to learning to walk that are learned one at a time.  THE SAME IS TRUE ABOUT DECLUTTERING YOUR HOME.  MANY SKILLS WILL BE LEARNED.  START WITH DECLUTTERING AN EASY SURFACE AND GO FROM THERE.

2.  Decide what will stay on the flat surface

3.  Decide what needs to find a permanent home elsewhere.

Do you have stacks of things on the kitchen counter, the entry way, the living room end tables?  Get in the habit of decluttering and keeping those flat surfaces clean, even if you have to stash things in a drawer or closet.  Start enjoying what it feels like to live in a home where things are put away and you can sit in peace and not look around at work that needs to be done. Get in the habit of putting things away, not just setting them on a convenient flat surface.

2.  Find homes for every item and start putting things there.

Do you have a home for your keys, glasses, incoming school papers, scissors, tools?  Start finding one home for everything.  Get in the habit of putting things in their homes, not on flat surfaces.  Clutter is there because things don’t have a home.  You declutter by putting every item in its home,

3.  Put like items together

Put light bulbs together, food items together, toys together, clothes together, books together.  Things get out of hand when things are spread from room to room.  We forget what we have.

4.  Toss, give away, sell, unnecessary items.

Decluttering helps you to focus, to say, “This is who I am and what’s important to me.”  It allows you to say, this is the food I like, this is what I want my home to look like, this is who I am as a person.  It puts back more hours in your day so you can be the person God created you to be.

5.  Read helpful authors.

These are a couple of my favorites authors on decluttering:

Joshua Becker, “becomingminimalist” is his website and he has a number of books such as, “The Minimalist Home,” “Clutterfree with Kids,” and “The More of Less.”  I like Joshua, because he just asks a simple question, “Would your life be better with less?”  He is not radical or judgemental.  He has many practical suggestions and reasons for going through your belongings and living with less.

Marie Kondo, “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” Netflix.  Yes, she can be a little…..but, she makes me appreciate what I have more, she makes me take better care of what I have, she helps me slow down, light a candle and appreciate my surroundings.  I also love how she organizes drawers.

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