Yearly checklist:  A yearly cleaning routine consists of jobs need to be done infrequently, but that does not mean they can be ignored indefinitely.  Ignored for long periods of time, these are areas that can cause organization problems or can become fire hazards or health hazards.  These jobs need to be done to create an overall clean look to your home as well as making sure it is safe.

January: Purge file cabinets, organize photos, update address book.   Clean and organize personal files. January is a great time for this since tax season with be coming up and you will want to be able to find everything easily.

February: Move furniture and appliances and thoroughly clean under and behind them.

March: Steam clean carpets and rugs. Hire a professional every other year and do it myself every other year.  Clean fireplace every year or every other year depending on use.

  • Dust Your Home Thoroughly.  This includes hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling fans and window casings.  Clean dryer vent to outside of the house.

April: Wash windows inside and out. Remove the screens and hose down and dry.  Wash baseboards and moldings.

May: Wash or launder all pillows, curtains and any other fabric that doesn’t get washed monthly or weekly.  Launder winter bedding and blankets before storing. Turn mattress.  Schedule furnace service.  Do touch-up painting.

June: Organize and clean your pantries. Get rid of any food that has gone bad and try to use up food that may expire soon.

July: Enjoy the summer!

August: Enjoy the summer!

September: Pressure wash outside of the house and touch up paint if needed.  Wash windows and remove screens.Empty closets and get rid of and donate items you never wear or are too small for you. Bring winter coats and accessories out of storage.  Clean hanging pot/glasses and rack.  Wash chandelier and ceiling lights.  Wash kitchen ceiling and bathroom ceilings. Clean library shelves.  Wash baseboards and moldings.

October: Defrost, clean and organize fridge and freezer. Deep clean stove and oven with oven cleaner.  Schedule furnace service.  Clean garden shed and garage. Move refrigerator and clean coils and clean underneath.  Clean underneath stove.

November: Clean and empty out gutters on the roof once leaves have stopped falling.

December: Enjoy the holidays!

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