One of the keys to a clean house is a good daily routine.  If you were staying in a luxury hotel, these are the things you would want done.

Don’t let the list scare you.  By “daily” I mean that these things need to be done anywhere from daily to more than once a week.  For instance, your bed needs to be made daily, clothes need to be hung up daily, but cabinet fronts, mirrors, coffee tables, etc. can be skipped.  But notice these things and realize performing these tasks make a huge difference in the look of your hone.  Besides, they don’t take that long to do.

Where to start: Start with one thing: Make your bed. Successful people make their beds everyday.  Not only does it look good, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Second thing to add:  Do dishes right away.  Don’t stack then in the sink or counter unless it is just preparing to wash them.  Either put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand and put them away.

Third thing to add:  Keep flat surfaces clear.  This may take awhile if your flat surfaces are cluttered. Declutter them and work to maintain this habit.


Make bed
Pick up clothes
Straighten night stand
Wipe bathroom sink, and toilet with disinfecting cloth
Spray shower with daily cleaner
Buff spots off mirror and faucet
Empty the dishwasher
Empty the sink and scrub it
Pick up clutter on counters
Wipe down counters and appliance fronts
Wipe splatters off of floor
Wash dishes or put in dishwasher, put away, don’t stack them in the sink
Sweep floor
Tidy Living Room/Family Room
Straighten sofa pillows
Neaten magazines, games, remotes
Wipe off coffee, end tables
Sweep of vacuum meses on floor
Take dishes to kitchen
Deal with the mail
Find things to throw away or give away
Scan the house 3x day and put things away
Deal with 1 minute projects right away

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