Meal Planning: 6 Steps to getting dinner on the table.

Why Is it hard to get dinner on the table? Meal planning and getting dinner on the table is a skill that involves several steps, many of them overlooked in the modern household.  Is it any wonder that when asked, “What’s are you making for dinner?” the answer is, “Reservations!”   I guess the updated answer is “drive through, delivery service, or take-out.”  Menu planning and related time management can be simple, easy, and quick.  The good news is that once you know the steps, streamline and make a routine, the process is fairly simple.

6 Steps to getting dinner on the table:

  1. Have a limited amount of recipes. (link to blog)

  2. Plan menu (be sure and check your calendar first for activities that will affect your dinners. It’s also a good idea to clean the refrigerator  and check the freezer to see what food you already have.

  3. Make a grocery list using a preprinted list. (example below and link to another blog)

  4. Shop & put away groceries.

  5. Have a prep/cooking day Meal Planning: Schedule a weekly prep time.

  6. Put dinner on the table.

Schedule the 6 steps into your calendar.

These steps can be incorporated into a weekly schedule in a variety of ways.  For example:

  • Monday: plan menu and make grocery list
  • Tuesday: Run errands, put groceries away
  • Wednesday: Meal prep day

People who work commonly make these days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Follow these 6 steps, and meals and meal planning will go quickly and easily.  You will have meals that are good enough.



If you follow these steps, you will have dinner on the table faster and with a lot less effort.  You will have Lifeasitshouldbe.


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