Use a preprinted grocery list

You will save time and aggravation if you use your own preprinted grocery list.  This will do several things :

1.  It will automatically organize your shopping by sections of the store.

A preprinted list will organize your shopping, simplify planning, and make meal planning easier.

2.  It will jog your brain to check for routinely used items.

3.  It will make it easier to delegate shopping to others because your list will be better organized and clearer.

This is not a list of everything you MIGHT need: it is a list of what you FREQUENTLY use.

Leave space to write in things that are not on the list.  Don’t include everything you might need.  Your list will be too long and lose its effectiveness for jogging your brain for things you often need and can’t live without, like milk, or bananas or blueberries, etc.

Post your preprinted grocery list where everyone can find it and add items to the list.

If everyone knows where the list is, they can easily add items to it.  No more family members coming to you and telling you what they are out of or what they want and expecting you to remember.  Just tell them to write it on the list.

Before you go to the store, review the list to see if you are out of the things you commonly use.  This is why you don’t want your list to be everything you might need: the list would be too long and you would not read through it.



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