It is time-consuming and inefficient to create lists from your own brain. You forget items. It takes time and energy. It is slow. You want to work from some kind of list. If you have none, go online and get suggestions. Make your own list from that. Keep those lists. If it is something similar, use an old list and modify it. You can start with generic lists like “what to pack for a trip” and then eventually modify it to “what to pack for a trip to Grandma’s house” or wherever.

When I first began making lists, I had a generic “trip” list. I later separated driving from flying and added specialized equipment like what to bring skiing.

I recently took a ski trip to Whitefish, Montana. By now I had a fairly decent list, but I decided to make a new one specific to this trip because we have done it annually the last few years. It was helpful, but there were a few things I overlooked like some food items my husband likes to bring and the fact that I made way too much rice. As soon as I got home, I made corrections on the old list, I updated the list on my computer, printed it out, and made a new trip folder ready to go for next year.

Next year should be a breeze. I am looking forward to the trip already and feel very prepared.

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