Weekly cleaning is what we usually think of when we think of cleaning our homes,  and are the things we are most likely to hire a cleaning service to do.   If the daily tasks are done, it is not that difficult to do the weekly tasks.  My problem for years was that I was not doing daily tasks, so doing weekly cleaning was nearly impossible as I was spending my time putting things away rather than actually cleaning.

Here are the things that need to be done weekly.

Weekly Tasks

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping tile/vinyl/wood  flooring
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the kitchen
    • Microwave
    • Stovetop
    • Inside the refrigerator
  • Cleaning the bathroom
    • Shower/tub
    • Toilet
    • Sink/counter/mirror

2 Ways to Schedule Weekly Cleaning

  1. Pick one day.  Do all your weekly cleaning on one day.  This is my preferred method and I also do my laundry on the same day.  I find it satisfying to get my home in order on one day.  In addition,  if I am very busy like getting ready for a major vacation, weekly cleaning is something that is easy to skip or just do a streamline version.  
  2. Spread weekly cleaning over the week.  For instance, Monday is dusting, Tuesday is vacuuming, Wednesday is bathrooms,  Thursday is kitchen,  and Friday is mopping hard-surfaced floors.  I have friends who do this and love it.

How To:


For weekly vacuuming, vacuum your traffic areas and under any furniture that is easy to move.  It is not necessary to move large, heavy pieces of furniture on a weekly basis.

I have a Rhumba robot vacuum cleaner that was given to me and I love it.  I end up doing a better job of cleaning for two reasons: 1) I move a lot of furniture which I would not have done had I vacuumed myself and, 2) the robot goes under things like beds very easily which I would have a hard time doing with a regular vacuum cleaner.  However, don’t feeling like you need a robot.  Just make sure you have a good quality vacuum.  I spend years with a junker that I practically had to hand-feed the dirt into.

Mopping hard-surface floors

For weekly cleaning,  I use an upright mop with a velcro pad that I can remove and wash.  Yes, it doesn’t do as good a job as getting down on my hand and knees, but I save that for a monthly chore.  For weekly cleaning, a good mop is good enough.  It is not necessary to disinfect your floors.  


For weekly cleaning, use a good-quality feather duster.  Although it doesn’t do as good a job as a dust cloth and moving everything, it does a good enough job and it is so much faster.  Only move items either monthly or even twice a year.  Because of  its flexibility and ability to statically pull dust particles, it allows you to get around small items on shelves or tables and its handle allows you to quickly dust ceiling fans, baseboards, chair legs, lamps, deer antlers, picture frames, or the corners where the walls and ceilings meet. Although most of my dusting is done with a feather duster, I sometimes use a dusting cloth if the surface is clear, like on my piano. 


I like to wash sheets and towels on cleaning day and put them back on the beds and racks.    This saves me from having two pair of sheets for every bed and also saves the time it would take to fold then and put them in the closet.  My husband and I have our own towels and use the same ones all week.    I wash our clothing at this time too.  You can find out more about washing clothes on the bog….washing clothes and how to avoid it.


Clean Hard Surface Floors Easily

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